The Water Well Oiler that Saves Money!

Provides you with a return on investment in less than one year.

The DripDoser is a gravity-based oiler for Vertical Turbine Pumps that saves thousands of dollars and costly down time.

  • Reduces pump maintenance costs.
  • Reduces labor cost – checking oil levels and adjusting drip rate.
  • Reduces oil consumption and prevents well contamination.
  • Maintains constant oil drip rate.
  • Protects your irrigation turbine pump from running dry:
    • Detects oil loss
    • Detects clogged or pinched delivery line.
  • Automatic pump shutdown.
  • Telemetry compatible remote control and monitoring.
  • Maintenance free and easy to install.
  • Operates under extreme weather conditions.
  • Low price – Fast ROI.

Save Money

  • Saves time – reducing the number of well visits.
  • Economical – Fuel and vehicle maintenance.
  • Oil – drip oil only when required.
  • Downtime – Line shaft repairs.

For pre-lube, the pump operator can start the DripDoser prior to starting the pump. For pre-season lubrication, the pump operator can adjust the unit manually without energizing the DripDoser.

DripDoser Specification

Supply voltage100 VAC to 240 VAC,  50/60 Hz
Power consumption (max.)10 W
Drip rate alarm settings10,  20,  30,  40,  50 dpm
Pump OK relay contact110 VAC – 5 A  ; 250 VAC – 5A
Alarm relay contact110 VAC – 5 A  ; 250 VAC – 5A
Oil on/off solenoid12 VDC  (internal voltage)
Drip volume32 drops  per  1 cc
Oil inlet/outletMale thread  ¼” BSP
Dimensions (W x H x D)

8.58 x 8.00 x 3.54 inches

(218 x 203 x 90 mm)

Weight3.7 lbs.  (1.7 kg)

All specifications shown are subject to change.